Can I change the colour of my garments?
You can definitely change the colour of your garments, however all tee’s or all hood’s must be the same colour - e.g Blue Tee’s and Purple Hood’s


Can I have different prints across my garments?
Our bundles are made for items with the same print across all garments, which means they all have to have the same design/logo. Front and back prints can be different to each other


Can I create my own bundle?
We can do custom bundles depending on what you’re after, but these will all need to be the same designs/logos. You can also buy multiple bundles - e.g. Bundle 1 and Bundle 3


How do I purchase a bundle?
Please enquire below to order your preferred bundle and we will email you to finalise your purchase. We are currently working on an easy way for you to purchase bundles through our website


What’s the difference between single and double prints?
Single prints are a one-sided print on either the front or back and the double prints are a double-sided print, having your design on both the front and back  


What does Budget, Quality and Premium mean?
We offer 3 styles of garments within your bundle to suit you.
Budget - AS Colour Basic Tee and AS Colour Supply Hood or Supply Crew
Quality - AS Colour Staple Tee and AS Colour Stencil Hood or Stencil United Crew
Premium - AS Colour Classic Tee and AS Colour Premium Hood or Premium Crew


Can I buy Stubby Coolers or Stickers without the bundle?
For sure! Stubby Coolers and Stickers will become available through our website very soon but while we work on the finer details, orders can also be placed using the enquiry box below


How are my designs printed?
All garments in the bundles will be Direct to Garment Printed. This is our most popular and long-lasting method of printing, and unlike Vinyl Transfers, will not peel off or fade when washed. Stubby Coolers are sublimated the whole way around, giving you all the freedom for your design

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