What is Embroidery?
Your artwork/logo is digitised (formatted into stitches using embroidery software) and then computerised embroidery machines are used to stitch the logo directly on to the garments. Embroidered logos produces a premium look and durable finish which is actually reasonably priced and can be cheaper than other printing methods. Embroidered clothing is a great way to establish a corporate identity for your business, club or staff uniforms.

The cost of embroidery is based on stitch count (how many sttches it takes to complete a design). So the larger your logo/design is, the more expensive the price. The amount of colours in your design does not effect the price. As a guide a basic left chest logo (usually 5000 stitches) would be approximately $10 per item. Your order quantity also effects the price, so the more your order the lowest the unit cost. Large designs across the back of a garment can be quite expensive as it may require many stitches, so the cost could be in excess of $30+ per item.

TIP: Make sure that the image you upload has no background (ex. png format - not jpeg) as the white background is calculated as being stitched. You can erase the white background using the transparancy tool with our online designer, or you can upload a PNG format file which preserves the background transparancy of your design. Our system will then only calculate your logo as being stitched and not the background which can dramtically reduce your embroidery cost.

How long will my order take?
Most orders are completed within 7 days. Please allow 2-3 days for freight (depending on your shipping option).

Can I see samples of your clothing - do you have a showroom?
Unfortunately we do not operate a showroom / shop to keep overhead costs down, in turn providing low prices to our customers. All orders are placed via this website. Sample pieces cannot be provided free of charge as it becomes very expensive if items aren't returned. If you are concerned about the quality and sizing you can order each garment without embroidery - once these items are returned to us (not damaged) we can then provide a refund by direct deposit to your nominated account (no credit card refund) - ex delivery costs. Or we can cedit the sample cost to your bulk order.

Can I provide my own clothes?
Unfortunately No. We can only embroider onto garments listed on this website. We DO NOT embroider on ties, shoes, socks, robes etc.

Can you embroider onto sleeves?
Unfortunately No. We can only embroider the positions indictaed on the website - front left & right chest or back. No sleeve or collars etc.

Can you print instead of embroidery?
We can print using DTG digital printers however this method is only suited to 100% cotton jersey garments such as Tshirts. The polos and jackets etc. contain polyester which is only suited to our embroidery process.